certified metering services consultation with two men

Our comprehensive range of certified metering services includes:

  • Metering cabinet fabrication, new installations and upgrades
  • IESO and utility registrations
  • IESO and Measurement Canada maintenance and compliance
  • Advanced, secure wireless services such as seamless transfer from analog to digital, remote capabilities for locating and mitigating metering faults and 24-hour self-healing functionality
  • Secure meter data transfer to the IESO through our Virtual Private Network
  • Device testing, validation, aggregations, storage, communication and settlement
  • Sealing, meter programming, upgrades, programming telemetry, MV90 services and certification of circuit analyzers
  • Metering solutions for generation, both IESO-registered and non-registered 
  • Customized maintenance agreements 

No matter what your metering needs, you can count on our fully certified metering journeymen and dedicated customer service team to deliver.