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What We Do

We use advanced technologies from well-established partners, practical knowledge of the electricity sector and a unique ability to own and operate energy assets on a long-term basis. We leverage our industry experience and expertise to streamline energy decision-making.

  • Reduce and stabilize long-term energy costs
  • Enhance operational reliability
  • Reduce carbon footprint / improve sustainability
  • Increase profitability

Industries Served

Manufacturing, Industrial Plants, Data Centers, Hospitals, Distribution Center & Cold Storage, University / Colleges, Municipalities and Greenhouses.

Zero Capital Investment (Zero Risk)

  • No upfront investment required from the customer. No responsibility for operations and maintenance

PPA / GA Mitigation Contract

  • Fixed capacity contract, or shared savings contract delivering savings and long term cost certainty

Higher Reliability

  • Onsite power available 24x7 to enhance resiliency, and can be used as back-up during grid interruptions