Electrify with Alectra Energy Solutions
Electrify with Alectra Energy Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering tailored eMobility solutions to suit the unique requirements of our customers and their sites. Moreover, we expedite the process of introducing EV chargers to your location, ensuring easy accessibility for both public and customer use. 

The best part? We cover all of the up-front costs, minimizing the financial impact on your end.

By entrusting Alectra with your EV charging infrastructure, you can focus on what truly matters – your core business. We take on the responsibility of managing the EV charging setup, from planning to installation to maintenance. This way, you can dedicate your time and resources to your primary objectives while enjoying the benefits of an efficient and customer-friendly charging solution.

EV Infrastructure Solutions
EV Infrastructure Solutions

Alectra Energy Solutions specializes in designing tailored electrification solutions to suit every type of site, fleet, and transit requirements – no matter the size and scale. 

Our Unique Differentiators: 

  • Expertise: Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of EV infrastructure and real-world experience.
  • Technology Agonistic: We only work with proven & reliable chargers and software for long-term solutions that best meet your needs.
  • Local Partnerships: We establish partnerships with local suppliers, ensuring our team provides timely delivery and responsive servicing.
  • Financing: We offer flexible financing frameworks designed to align with your business needs and future-proofing requirements.
Car charges
Leading the Charge

Alectra Inc., through its subsidiaries Alectra Utilities Corporation and Alectra Energy Solutions, has over a decade of experience in the realm of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Collectively, we've successfully launched hundreds of EV chargers over the years, leading to a growing interest from partners in major sectors. 

  • Discover how Alectra is at the forefront of the EV movement, driving change through innovative EV programs that redefine the landscape. 

Known as a dependable partner and service provider, Alectra Energy Solutions has earned the trust of numerous top-tier customers. We are plugged into pivotal organizations, actively contributing to the advancement of transportation electrification. This includes vital funding initiatives that further our collective goals. 

Through our comprehensive expertise, strategic affiliations, and dedication, Alectra continues to pave the way for a sustainable and electrifying future.

Elevate your EV charging capabilities.