Our track record includes:

  • 2 million electricity meters under management
  • Over 100,000 LED streetlighting installations completed 
  • Trusted to manage over 50 MW of high voltage critical power infrastructure
  • Developed 95 Solar projects representing 20 MW including on-going operations and maintenance
  • Guided over 7,000 customers to complete over 10,000 energy efficiency projects representing 798 GWh of facility energy savings

Advanced energy technologies, customized energy solutions 

There have never been as many energy options for commercial, industrial and institutional customers including airports, colleges and universities, municipalities, hospital, and property developers as there are today.

Everything from choosing the type of energy that’s used to power your physical plant to investing in systems to generate your own electricity to monetizing your energy investment by providing essential grid services to the wholesale electricity market – this is the future of energy. Is your business ready?

Alectra Energy Solutions is ready with energy solutions that will position your facilities for optimum performance, now and for years to come. We offer a comprehensive suite of leading-edge energy solutions that include: