What services do you offer?

Alectra Energy Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of distributed energy solutions to help customers reduce long-term energy costs, improve operational reliability and meet ongoing sustainability goals. 

Our turnkey behind-the-meter solutions include:

  • Natural gas power generation
  • Solar photovoltaic installations
  • Battery energy storage systems
  • Off-grid energy solutions
  • Geothermal technology implementation

We are technology agnostic. Our only criteria are designing and building solutions that are right for you. 

Does Alectra Energy Solutions have sales agreements with specific vendors?

Alectra Energy Solutions has alliances with a range of companies that provide tried-and-tested solutions and offer value-added expertise. We leverage these relationships where it makes sense, depending on our customers’ unique needs. 

If Alectra Energy Solutions finances the purchase of new equipment, does that mean it then owns the equipment?

Yes. Alectra Energy Solutions can enter into an agreement with customers and finance any equipment that is part of the custom solution. This approach allows customers to invest their capital elsewhere. In this type of fee-for-service agreement, Alectra Energy Solutions would own the assets and assume all the technology risk, leaving you to focus on your core business. We could also operate and manage the solution for you. 

Is your business model based on providing “energy as a service”?

Yes. Energy as a service has a number of advantages for customers. There is no up-front investment and there is also long-term cost certainty. Because Alectra Energy Solutions owns the assets, in this scenario, there is zero technology risk for customers. 

What is the typical contract length between the customer and Alectra Energy Solutions?

Contract term lengths can vary from 10 to 20 years, depending on the application, customer, and risks associated with a specific project.

Do customers have an opportunity to own the asset at any point of time?

Yes. There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of ownership.  At the end of the agreement term, for example, ownership of the assets could transfer back to the customer. Alternatively, if at the end of the contract term, you wish to extend the benefits realized in the original term, a contract renewal is possible.